The Necropolis League will be released on March 29th and will be available for players to play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Angry spirits have begun to haunt the monsters of Wraeclast in the Path of Exile Necropolis.

During this league, you will receive the Alimore Lantern from the Undertaker Alimore. Using this lantern, you can make Haunting visible.

In the Necropolis League, you can use lanterns to see which ghosts are waiting for you, which I believe will be of great help to players when exploring new areas or new maps. Players can use lanterns to influence ghosts and disrupt monsters. Players can designate monsters to accept corresponding modifiers, thereby controlling the monster difficulty level. Of course, this is also directly proportional. The stronger the monster, the better the loot dropped when the player defeats the monster. And if you want to get more loot more easily in this league, buying POE products, especially POE Divines, is also a very worthwhile attempt.
1. Crafting will be a major part of the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis.

Some of the possessed monster corpses will be collected by mourners and taken to the cemetery. There, players can bury them in the cemetery and perform exorcisms to craft powerful items. At the same time, the more tombs that are combined, the stronger the monsters, and the more powerful the items produced.

As far as the production results are concerned, the results obtained by the player's expulsion of corpses will also be different. Moreover, I believe players will stay in the graveyard for a long time this season.

In the Necropolis League, players can also create their own items. And the prerequisite for this is to bury the corpses haunted by family members of the famous Eternal Empire bloodline.

Another new member of the Necropolis Alliance is Embers of the Allflame. Put powerful relics into Arimor's lantern, and the special rewards produced will surely dazzle us.
2. Endgame changes in Path of Exile 3.24

In the Necropolis League, there will be some changes to the ending. The most hard boss in the game, Uber, is no longer accessible in the Necropolis League through certain points in the Atlas skill tree. Instead, it can only be reached through shards this time. These fragments can currently only be obtained through the new five level 17 maps, while the previous maximum map level was level 16.
3. Unlock the Atlas Tree

Multiple Atlas skill trees have been introduced in the Necropolis League. Players can use a character to build up to three different trees for your map set, and for this purpose decide which skill tree to use for each map. This also means that players can farm different content without having to respect the entire skill tree first. During this season, some cornerstones from the skill tree have been removed, and some new ones are being added.
4. New Skill Gems & Transformation Skill Gems

Skill Gems

Intelligence Support Gem–Sacred Wisps: Use this gem to summon sacred wisps to enhance your wand attack skills, adding new impetus to the battle.

Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem–Automation: This gem's instant effects open up new avenues for efficiency and automation in spellcasting.

Strength Skill Gem–Call to Arms: The use of this gem may redefine the role a battle cry can play in combat.

Transformation Skill Gem

This update also introduces transformed versions of skill gems, including but not limited to elemental hit, incineration, ice shot, toxic mixture, and kinetic explosion. These buffs will surely provide us with new inspiration for creating unique builds.

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5. Quality of Life Optimizations and New Features

The mini-map icons for safes have been optimized to make it easier for players to find them. And the audio has been enhanced, enriching players' gaming experience.

New opportunities have been added to the campaign to ensure that players can experience the freshness of the game while experiencing the core of the game.

And in this update, the Scarab has been completely revamped. Necropolis Alliance introduces a variety of new scarabs that you can use to modify the map. With the new Scarab, players don't have to run the same map over and over again. On the contrary, planting can be carried out in a more targeted manner to improve game efficiency.

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